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"I'll Take You On" is the latest release from Canadian indie rockers So Dirty the Flamingos. Co-penned by lead singer/guitarist Lionel Doe and bassist Adam Drury, this track combines gritty, muscular rock riffs with a melodic pop sensibility to form a bold, confident sound that's as powerful as it is accessible. Featuring a guitar heavy arrangement that's firmly rooted in place by a rhythm section that plays deep in the pocket, "I'll Take You On" is the perfect vehicle for Doe's rich, weathered vocals. Highlighted by a final chorus that builds in intensity before finishing in a glorious climax, So Dirty the Flamingos' "I'll Take You On" should have broad audience appeal among rock fans of all genres.

Steven Azami, Radio Airplay

... The raspy vocals of singer-songwriter Lionel Doe are brilliant – soothing but with an edge that connotes a life of experience, love, and grit.

A melodic chorus accompanied by a soaring desert-rock guitar solo, and the band’s superb timing, make the song a sure-fire hit on country-rock radio.

Indie Rock Cafe

Before the Misfits is a beautifully poignant and contemplative piece of writing that captures the essence of its lyrical themes perfectly, So Dirty The Flamingos show great confidence and maturity in their songwriting with this expertly put-together track.

Andre, Radio Airplay

Before the Misfits is a smooth, somber-sounding song that takes a hold of you from the first chord and doesn't let go until long after it's over. It's the kind that should be played more often on the radio.

Roger Tumminieri, Etobicoke Lakeshore Press

... The creature that is currently SDTF is a hybrid that proudly struts roots combining the DNA of Sun Records production sensibilities, traditional country instrumentation and a few well placed Dylan references all delivered via Doe's compassionate and insightful songs.  ...

... Like the proud and quirky bird who gives this group their identity - So Dirty The Flamingos deserve your attention.

Rich Lynch,

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