... The raspy vocals of singer-songwriter Lionel Doe are brilliant – soothing but with an edge that connotes a life of experience, love, and grit.

A melodic chorus accompanied by a soaring desert-rock guitar solo, and the band’s superb timing, make the song a sure-fire hit on country-rock radio

... The creature that is currently SDTF is a hybrid that proudly struts roots combining the DNA of Sun Records production sensibilities, traditional country instrumentation and a few well placed Dylan references all delivered via Doe's compassionate and insightful songs.  ...

... Like the proud and quirky bird who gives this group their identity - So Dirty The Flamingos deserve your attention.

Roger Tumminieri,

Etobicoke Lakeshore Press

Before the Misfits is a smooth, somber-sounding song that takes a hold of you from the first chord and doesn't let go until long after it's over. It's the kind that should be played more often on the radio.