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In July of 2018, Lionel Doe set out to record what was to be a simple, acoustic, singer-songwriter EP.  He had been exploring more deep-seeded roots music for years whilst playing in a couple local rock and roll bands, and finally took the opportunity to give life to song ideas that had been fermenting in his consciousness.  The project was to be gritty and beautiful, and thus called “So Dirty the Flamingos”.  At the same time, Lionel’s bandmate, bassist Adam Drury embarked on transforming the basement of his family home into a fully functioning recording studio and rehearsal space. Adam and Lionel have galvanized a friendship over 5 years while playing together in The Better Lates, an all original indie/alt country band from South Etobicoke.  They then enlisted Devin Jannetta, a workhorse drummer involved in seven original bands at the time, and Scott Dunn, a Hammond organist with a long history of musical collaborations all over Toronto.  And finally, Ciara Logar was asked to join as the backing vocalist to add to what was to be a signature sound.  So Dirty the Flamingos was born, and at the same time, Sodipop Studio was record ready. Throughout the years, lots of time and money has been put into making Sodipop Studios a fully functional recording and rehearsal space that So Dirty the Flamingos calls home.

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